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A Snag In Collaborative Decision Making

At its best, Collaborative Decision Making is so 3D.  It’s about pooling ALL inputs and then together figuring out what’s best to do. Yet a snag we can hit is precedent.  People’s contribution to Collaborative Decision Making can be held back because of precedent, that we should continue as we have been OR, if we […]

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Connection before content – making online learning enriching!

As I search the phrase “Zoom fatigue”, I am unsurprisingly horrified when almost ten million results arrive! This phrase, barely whispered before the pandemic, is now widely used to describe the exhaustion from attending too many online meetings. So as facilitators and educators, how can we reduce this pixelated fatigue and create engaging and energising […]

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The top five things that go wrong in meetings and how to fix them

Meetings matter. It’s here we bring people together to make decisions, set directions and find out what’s going on. Alongside their role as an engine room that drives our organisation or team, meetings are also places where we establish and maintain the culture of the group. If that culture is troubled, inevitably tensions surface when […]

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