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Our Advanced Program for 2024 is bigger and better

We’ve launched our Advanced Facilitation course for 2024 with updates designed to deepen  the learning experience. The course has evolved significantly in the past few years, adapting to online delivery during the pandemic and now returning to a blended format.

This course still rests strongly on its foundations,  guiding participants  to develop the competence, confidence and compassion to be great facilitators.   We do this by focusing on experiential learning – creating a place to develop your practice  through experimentation and reflection. It offers an opportunity to learn by building on your experience and being part of a wider group, engaging in small support/practice groups, and benefiting from individual and group coaching sessions to deepen your growth and learning.

As one participant from this year’s course eloquently put it, “I’d done lots of what I thought was facilitation, for many years, until I did the Groupwork course! It took me to the next level – in terms of really understanding what I bring to the group and working with group dynamics. I wish it had gone longer! I absolutely recommend it to anyone wanting to work with any kind of group or team.”

Here are some of the key changes that will make next year’s program even more enriching.

 Blended online and face-to-face settings

Our hybrid model, blending online and face-to-face delivery, has been well-received. Participants have told us they appreciate the rich experiential learning of the face-to-face days,  enhanced by two residential retreats bookending the course. These retreats create depth and breadth of group cohesion, while online modules serve as touchstones to integrate and develop skills within the online environment.

Expanded learning opportunities

Responding to participant feedback, we’ve added an extra face-to-face session, providing  extra time together and enhancing our ability to work with conflict and power dynamics in groups. This additional module also offers valuable breathing space for reflection, allowing participants to seamlessly integrate new skills into their professional and personal lives.

Continued 1:1 coaching

The highly appreciated 1:1 coaching introduced in recent years will continue, offering real-time explorations to expand awareness and navigate tricky group situations. This personalised approach now extends to a practice group with coaching embedded in each module. This has been a game-changer for participants and provides invaluable focused support.

Fleshing out workshop design and strategic planning

Our first online module, focusing on developing strong workshop design, now includes strategic planning material and additional useful processes. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for those working in organisational settings, providing a well-rounded learning experience.

Program details

The program spans six months, from April to September, with two 1.5-day online modules, two in-person modules and retreats at the start and end.  The residential retreats at the Commonground conference centre in central Victoriaoffer not just learning but also delightful accommodation and meals in a nourishing bush setting.

Join us for a free information session:

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As we prepare for the next chapter of our advanced facilitation course, we’re confident that these enhancements will deepen your experience, supporting you to become a more competent, confident, and compassionate facilitator.

Henry Fowkes is an associate facilitator and educator in the Advanced Facilitation Program.

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