Strategic Planning

When was the last time you took a serious look at how you are operating? And have you made space to reflect on where you are headed? Many of us get so caught up in the constant demands of the workplace that we forget we ever had an overall plan, let alone refer to it.

Strategic planning is a vital component of successful performance. Done well, it helps pool the wisdom and aspirations within your workplace, and charts a robust way forward. It’s a process that can be used by work teams, departments and the whole organisation.

At the Groupwork Centre, we have a passion for clear and simple strategic planning processes that actually involve the people who are going to implement them.  We first developed our Strategic Planning Model in the mid-80s while in the early days of our independent facilitation work.

Groupwork Centre diagram outlining the five steps of Strategic Plans and then 2 main steps in Operational Plans

There are many ways to approach Strategic Planning.  However, the process needs to be simple, clear and owned by the people undertaking the strategic planning.

All too often strategic plans are too complicated and seen as fairly useless by the people who are meant to be implementing them.  They may use complex and hard to understand formats for example.  Often the people who have to implement the plan, are in fact not part of developing it.  Such plans can be undertaken in a tokenistic manner, not owned, and relegated to ‘the bottom draw’.

Therefore it is essential they are developed in a collaborative manner, where people are ‘in on the ground floor’. This approach, combined with a simple clear process is what genuinely builds ownership.

Today we use our Strategic Planning Model extensively. Clients find it easy to apply and refreshingly uncomplicated.

A great process creates a powerful vehicle for developing decisions supported by members of your planning group. However, even when process is easily understood and readily applied, a key component is how well the process is facilitated, to pool the wisdom available and synthesise the opportunities and challenges involved in a an effective Strategic Plan. You can learn more on the role of a facilitator here: What do facilitators do?

The most rewarding aspect of this work is seeing what people can create when they are given the support to work well together.

Why work with a Groupwork Centre facilitator?

Our facilitators have had extensive experience and training working with groups and challenging and/or sensitive situations which involve ‘sitting in the fire’ in many big issues over the years.  A key point of difference is our approach to Emotional Resilience. Our practical skills and values-based approach have prepared us well for this work.

You can read more on What’s special about Groupwork.

We specialise in this work!  We are at your service.