Conflict Resolution

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Don’t like the thought of an explosion on the horizon? Engage in a clearing process with skilled facilitators

A specialty of Groupwork Institute’s facilitators is undertaking conflict resolution to address a current issue.

Sometimes work teams, groups of individuals, external partners and community engagement participants get into conflicts which they feel unable to resolve without help.

Such conflicts can become entrenched, go from bad to worse and cause great stress to everyone concerned.  We can help if a conflict in your organisaiton has gone beyond the scope of managers, and an outside facilitator is needed.

We are highly skilled and experienced in this field.  Our group process expertise enables us to create safe spaces where people can hear and be heard across strong differences and build solutions together.

Why work with us?

We created Groupwork Institute because we believe in the transformational capacity of people working well together in groups. Back in 1984, we saw the need for people to learn the skills of great facilitation as well as having the opportunity to engage a good facilitator to assist groups in achieving their goals.

Our facilitators have had extensive experience and training working with groups and individuals in leadership and working well with people. A key point of difference is our approach to self-awareness, compassion and Emotional Resilience. Our practical skills and values-based approach have prepared us well for this work.

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