Intentional Community

Commonground is where the Groupwork Centre was conceived. It’s a vibrant example of an Intentional Community where a group of people come together with a common purpose and deliberately choose to live and work together, sharing their lives and resources in an agreed manner.

The intention for members of the Commonground community is to resource the social change movement. Accordingly, we all volunteer time to help the various Commonground social enterprises thrive. The cooperative that owns the Commonground property is crafted in such a way as to ensure that the land or assets can’t be sold for individual gain.

The community is made up of people who live on site at the Commonground property and people who live offsite and help us run our various social enterprises.

We encourage people interested in our community to first explore Commonground through the following opportunities:

  • Come to one of our regular Gatherings which are part working bee, part finding out more about Commonground and part good fun. Join our mailing list to receive invitations to future Gatherings.
  • Volunteer at our biennial Festival. Join the mailing list to be informed when the call for volunteers goes out.
  • Come for a short (minimum of two weeks) ‘working holiday’ to get to know us. This is part of our long history hosting Willing Workers on Organic Farms via the WWOOF program. Mutual exchange is a great way to have people stay at Commonground.

After getting to know us a bit more you might negotiate to start the Commonground membership journey.

Visit the Commonground website

Learn more about the Commonground Conference and Retreat Centre

How did Commonground begin?

The Commonground story began with a vision – of course! The journey to make it a reality took creativity, hard work and perseverance as the Commonground folk made collaboration a way of life.

You can learn more about our background by looking at The Groupwork Centre and Commonground journey, through Co-founder Glen Ochre’s life story in Our Story.

Or if you are up for a wonderful read, we recommend you get hold of a copy of Child of the Earth: An Autobiography, by Glen Ochre, who was one of Commonground’s Co-founders.