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How I was frozen out of a group process

What’s going on when our basic needs in a group are overlooked? Hala Abdelnour runs a temperature check over a recent chilling experience. It was the first morning of the first day of a five-day residential program. We participants were sitting in the usual horseshoe formation budding with the excitement, angst and nerves that sprout […]

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What we are reading, viewing and listening to October 2022

Atlas of the Heart By Brené Brown Bantam, 2022 What a brilliant concept from one of the great writers on the human condition: a map charting the full range of our emotions. Drawing on 30 years of research and writing, Brené Brown navigates the turbulent waters of the emotional realm with dexterity and humility. Insights […]

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Meet our Community – Hala Abdelnour

  Hala Abdelnour, CEO and Founder of the Institute of non-violence Since 2003 I’ve been actively working to address systemic racism in various forums, including via my consultancy Global Echo. I work with organisations to implement more justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI) across their structures. In 2020, I founded the Institute of non-violence (IoNV).  […]

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