Groupwork Centre Blog articles by Henry Fowkes

Our Advanced Program for 2024 is bigger and better

We’ve launched our Advanced Facilitation course for 2024 with updates designed to deepen  the learning experience. The course has evolved significantly in the past few years, adapting to online delivery during the pandemic and now returning to a blended format. This course still rests strongly on its foundations,  guiding participants  to develop the competence, confidence […]

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Embracing discomfort on our facilitator’s journey

At the midway point of our revamped advanced facilitation program, Henry Fowkes reflects on the learnings – for participants and educators We’ve just completed the third module in our Advanced Facilitation Course, and what a journey it’s been. The setting for this immersive experience was the earthy CERES in Melbourne, a backdrop that perfectly complemented […]

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Connection before content – making online learning enriching!

As I search the phrase “Zoom fatigue”, I am unsurprisingly horrified when almost ten million results arrive! This phrase, barely whispered before the pandemic, is now widely used to describe the exhaustion from attending too many online meetings. So as facilitators and educators, how can we reduce this pixelated fatigue and create engaging and energising […]

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