Individual Coaching Services

Why a SuperVision/coaching process?

The Groupwork Centre has worked extensively as independent consultants with organisations since 1984. The focus of all our services and training has been to get collaboration to work well at work. As a result, we have developed a specific process for collaborative managers to work together with individual staff members, creating a motivating opportunity to regularly reflect and review.

Good supervision and performance management is an integral component of being an effective leader.

When you as a leader receive a collaborative approach in your own supervision, the process is more rewarding for all parties, with outcomes richer and better sustained.

Benefits of professional SuperVision/coaching

Our experience shows that managers who can manage themselves well will provide the springboard for capable management within their organisation.

 Good quality supervision gives you the opportunity to:

  • Receive well-rounded feedback
  • Identify and acknowledge your strengths and skills – and build on these
  • Create opportunities for reflective practice
  • Learn from the development of your own insights
  • Develop greater self-awareness by unpacking what has been done well, not so well or differently.

Our approach to coaching

Our experienced Associates aim to be your ‘learning facilitator’, providing you with a supportive, encouraging opportunity to reflect, grow and learn.

An essential aspect of our professional supervision work is creating a working environment that encompasses mutual ownership of the process, to work together on issues, with clear understanding and expectations of the work roles, discussed collaboratively.

What can you be coached on?

  • Organisational practice
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Personal needs and self care

Supervision can be tailor-made around your requirements in terms of time and regularity and usually takes place in our consulting room in Thornbury.

We look forward to seeing if we can be of service to you and your organisation.

Why work with us?

Our facilitators have had extensive experience and training working with groups and individuals in leadership and working well with people. A key point of difference is our approach to self-awareness, compassion and Emotional Resilience. Our practical skills and values-based approach have prepared us well for this work.

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