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Interview: Turning pain and suffering into kindness and empathy

“A compelling life story, beautifully told.”   Rosie Batty Glen Ochre had a tough, wild and courageous life. Here’s a link to an ABC radio interview with her partner Ed McKinley, Co-founder of the Groupwork Institute about her and the story she wrote before she died. Raised deep in the bush of central New South Wales, […]

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Giving a hearable message after an ‘incident’

Do you ever reflect on the effectiveness of your communication? Looking back on what happened can help you with a way forward. We ask participants of our Advanced Diploma of Group Facilitation to log reflections on their facilitation and collaboration experiences. It’s a simple yet effective way to crystallise your learnings and gain a greater […]

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Supervision: How you can find out what’s really going on for your staff

We’d like to share a story with you. We think it shows how you can undertake supervision with real trust and clear agreement on expectations of priorities and timelines. Jenny Boulton, a senior manager at Melbourne City Mission, shares this: “I’ve been using the Groupwork Supervision model ever since I first did the Supervision course in […]

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