Team Building

Are you struggling to get the best from your team?

Teams often need some regrouping or enhancing, especially after significant upheaval or change.  Teams can easily become a bit flat or lack the sense of collaboration and common ownership of principles and practices.

Our team building workshops are tailored to the particular team’s circumstances and needs.  We often find that the best ‘team building’ we can do is facilitate the team to talk about their important issues, and to collaboratively develop solutions to these.

Our team building workshops start with:

  • An exploration of how people feel the particular team is going
  • What is working well and not so well
  • The key issues that need to be worked on

We like to help the team acknowledge their strengths and build on these as we address issues.  Through well facilitated processes, we work on ways forward to redevelop your desired sense of team.

Our team building services are always tailored around your team’s needs.

Why work with us?

We created Groupwork Centre because we believe in the transformational capacity of people working well together in groups. Back in 1984, we saw the need for people to learn the skills of great facilitation as well as having the opportunity to engage a good facilitator to assist groups in achieving their goals.

Our facilitators have had extensive experience and training working with groups and individuals in leadership and working well with people. A key point of difference is our approach to self-awareness, compassion and Emotional Resilience. Our practical skills and values-based approach have prepared us well for this work.

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