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From desire to go deeper to benchmark facilitation training

Woman Glen Ochre with hands gesturing and face alight facilitating a workshop

How our Advanced Diploma of Groupwork Facilitation came to be Our co-founder Glen Ochre long harboured a passion for working with people at a deeper level, over an extended period of time. Glen was a great cook; she would take recipe books and magazines to bed and conjure up meals that looked nothing like the originals, but were […]

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Group culture: The magic of facilitating group agreements

“How can we work well together?” Last year, we worked with a group of IT professionals who were blown away by our use of group agreements when working with a group for the first time. Many of them had specialist technical expertise, but didn’t have the skills to work well in their project groups. Their […]

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What do you say to them? Our top 5 tips to starting with a new group

You’ve been asked to facilitate a group. How do you make an engaging start? The way you begin can put people off participating before you have even got to your intro activity. You want people to be actively present, contribute with confidence and to listen to understand others in this group, but how? No pressure, […]

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3 Deeper traps to avoid at your next meeting

There’s a lot of benefit to be gained in digging a bit deeper into why you may be finding your meetings frustrating.  People instantly get it when we encourage structure around meetings by emphasising the importance of Beginning, Middle, End and allowing enough time. But we’re often met with some surprise at our emphasis on […]

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Contracting Controversial Facilitation Work

Being asked to come in and help around a controversial issue, takes us to the deep end of facilitation. It can be exciting to be invited to provide facilitation for such work, and it is very rewarding to see it through to successful and sustainable outcomes.
However, we are regularly gathering stories of how such controversial work can be de-railed… and we have our own experiences to add to the mix!

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