Why do you need to work with us?

We believe the world needs great facilitators and pride ourselves on being at the forefront of group facilitation and collaborative management practices globally.

We help you build collaborative cultures where people can thrive.

We use practical, simple processes that work

They are unique, highly accessible and thoroughly road tested. We’ve been using them to help our clients meet their needs since 1984.

Groupwork Centre provides exceptional facilitation services, practical workplace training and specialist courses addressing collaborative management, group facilitation and the broad arena of helping people work well together. Our work is founded on principles of self-awareness and compassion, designed to give individuals and groups skills to achieve their goals.

A key point of difference is our approach to Emotional Resilience.

We can can help you work well with others

Our extensive experience working with clients from community, small and large businesses, government agencies and NGOs allows us to meet your needs with:

  • Skilled facilitators for complex or significant meetings, such as strategic planning, community engagement or conflict resolution
  • Courses in working with people, leadership and management from half-day to full year for individuals or groups
  • Practical workplace training and specialist courses tailored for you and held in-house at your workplace or in our training rooms

Explore our range of services for your organisation or community or our courses and training.

Collaborative Practice Model

At the Groupwork Centre, we have a passion for collaborative management and group facilitation.  Great things can be achieved when we are supported to work well together.

It’s when people can collaborate – genuinely and effectively – that we can best contribute to help build a just and sustainable world.

We have worked in the field of collaborative management and facilitation since 1984.  Over that time, we developed our Model of Collaborative Practice to provide practical support in helping people work well together.

Diagram of concentric circles. Inner circle is Values, then Practical Principles then Self-awareness then Micro-skills for collaboration then Collaborative processes for working well together
Skilled collaboration needs a foundation of values, principles and a good dose of self-awareness.


The model explained

Values: At the centre of this model are the core values of collaborative management or facilitation.

Practical Principles: These are ‘values with legs’ and provide specific guidance in our practice.

Self Awareness: This is a focus of all our collaborative education and is essential to high quality practice.  It is this awareness that enables you to remain conscious of your contribution to a situation, compassionate towards yourself and others, and able to act wisely in the face of challenges.

Workplace Micro Skills: These are the myriad of skills required in management and facilitation. For example: welcoming differing ideas, challenging conversations, negotiating and the giving and receiving of ‘hearable’ feedback.

Collaborative Processes: We have developed a comprehensive array of practical, easy to use processes for collaborative practice. These include everything from strategic planning through to conflict resolution.