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How to deal with side-tracking in your group (without shaming!)

Massive and ancient Australian redgum tree surrounded by water and other trees. Person off to the right looks very small by comparison

May you be as grounded in your groupwork as this wise old tree. Photo courtesy of Damien Cook

It’s pretty impressive when you can bring a distracted group member back on track without just shutting them down and making them feel bad. 

It takes courage and leadership to notice and point out when people seem to go off on a tangent. Check it out with the group – does this feel off track or is this an important side-track we consciously want to explore? Are we managing the time well?

Here’s something that will help your work in groups go well:

Our Groupwork Centre vision of a just and sustainable world seems particularly challenged at present. Let’s see what we can do to take care – of our beautiful planet, each other and ourselves.

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