Advanced Groupwork Facilitation Course

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• Handle any group situation with confidence
• Build skills to enable the transformative capacity of groups
• Professional and personal development using a holistic, whole-of-person approach

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Please note the dates for this course have not been set at this time.  Please feel free to email us at with any specific questions and if you wish add yourself to the early bird list to be contacted when the course dates do become available to book.  In the meantime please read about this advanced course below.

Do you face any of these group problems?

  • Your group lacks coherency and connection
  • People lock in behind their own ideas and seem unwilling to collaborate
  • A personal inability to tackle conflict, together with fear, when it arises
  • Conversations that keep sidetracking from the main goal
  • You have too much to get through in a limited time-frame
  • You feel held back by a lack of confidence to step into a facilitator role
  • You are challenged adapting to facilitating online
  • Participants keep dominating the conversation
  • Participants who are not joining the discussion at all

Become a competent, confident and compassionate facilitator

Working well with a group so that you harness the wisdom of everyone present takes a specific range of skills. From effective communication and leadership to self-awareness and active compassion, there are many ways we can help you become a good facilitator.

Our Advanced Facilitation Course is grounded in supporting you to have the inner strength to handle any group situation constructively. The core content addresses everything from the fundamentals of communication to managing conflict and working with rank, power and diversity.

We have a strong emphasis on emotional resilience and self reflection, combined with practical tools that you can apply in any group context. We value a whole-of-person approach to facilitation because we believe everyone brings all of their past experience and preferences to any interaction. This strengthens your capacity as a facilitator and can help your group members to have greater compassion for each other.

The course is experiential, interactive, self reflective, and a bit of fun. Your educators provide feedback and guidance throughout the year to support you to grow as a facilitator.

Why this course?

Our Advanced Facilitation Course is probably the most practical and comprehensive facilitation education available in Australia.   Running since 2001, it contains all the core components of our original year-long Advanced Diploma.  This course provides a high level of support to ensure your current skills, knowledge and awareness flourish. Participants who have been working with groups for years find this education powerful and empowering; the course is consistently rated highly by facilitators working in a broad range of settings.

We provide a range of practical opportunities for you to practice the skills relevant to whatever facilitation context interests you:

  • Within your organisation
  • Community engagement
  • Therapeutic settings
  • Corporate settings

Our training is highly experiential, meaning you will experience the parallel process of learning the craft while experiencing the dynamics within the group you’ll be travelling with for the duration of the course. You’ll be able to see and feel the learning as an embodied process of how skills are applied with contact days being ‘supportively challenging’. You will learn great skills that will provide a much stronger and more practical foundation to your facilitation.

We often get the feedback that this course is life changing! It certainly has a huge capacity for helping you know yourself a whole lot better, and develop your self awareness and communication skills in all aspects of your life. You may be searching for what’s next, to change gears in life or be keen to pursue work that’s more in line with what you believe in, or simply know it’s time for the gift of professional and personal self-development.


“The course really delivered on expectations, and gave me the skills, self-awareness, and the confidence to carve out a path as an amazing facilitator. The connections I made I will carry into the future. I only wish it was a little longer.” – Barry Keohane, 2021 Course Participant 

“Groupwork Centre provide a fascinating, deep learning experience. It has enabled profound shifts in mindset, meaningful connections, and coverage of key content areas. They really do help you find your way to your principled, capable, confident, compassionate practice of facilitation.” – Cathryn O’Flaherty, 2021 Course Participant

“Online facilitation isn’t going to be left in 2020 or 2021 – it’s here to stay. This training helped me to reconnect to the fundamental skills of facilitation and regain my confidence in how to apply these in the online environment.” – Ruth Pitt,2021 Course Participant

Participants’ diverse range of experience and motivations for joining us adds to the diversity and spice that make the course so rich.

Read more about the origins of this course here

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What you get & delivery

  • 6 in-depth training modules over 6 months
  • 2 x multi-day residential retreats at Commonground in Seymour, Victoria (5 days to begin, 3 days to end)
  • 2 x 2-day in-person trainings at Ceres, Melbourne
  • 2 x 1.5 day experiential modules online, Zoom
  • 2 x 60 minute one-on-one Facilitation Coaching Sessions
  • Intimate Coaching Groups mentored by an experienced facilitator
  • Comprehensive course Manual
  • PDF copy of Getting Our Act Together – book by Glen Ochre, Founder of Groupwork, on the power of working well in groups


Scholarship places

Scholarship places will be considered on a number of criteria including financial hardship. Please complete the application form below outlining your situation if you feel you would like to be considered. We will contact you directly in the coming week to organise a time to meet as part of our application process. The subsidised price with the scholarship of $5,500 (inc GST) is around 40% discount of full price course cost. Applications are closed for 2024.

Held at Online & Groupwork Centre training room inner Melbourne TBC & Commonground Conference Centre.
See more about our delightful spaces for training.

Pricing Information

The 2024 course pricing was as follows:

Standard $10,500.00 (paid by employer) (inc GST)

NFP / Self funded $8500.00 (inc GST)

Scholarship $5,500.00 (inc GST)

Course Deposit $660.00 (inc GST)


  • Price: $10,500

    inc GST
  • Deposit Required: $660

    inc GST