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Standing Tall


Given events swirling around us, we feel the need to stand taller, become bolder and act with greater compassion than ever before…

I was particularly moved by a message I received from Simon Clough, an old mate from northern NSW. Here is what he shared with me:

Very concerning is the emergence of the “post truth” world, where it seems that everyone can take their own opinion as reality, and reality is determined by who has the most power.

The challenge is “how are we to live in a time when there is much cause for grief and despair?”
Here are some ways that have helped me over the years:

1. Stay deeply rooted in your love for this exquisite environment of which we are a part.  Take joy in every moment of appreciation of the natural world that is offered to us.

2. Love and protect those close to you in every sense.  Communicate deeply about those things that are important to you, be vulnerable and connect.  And most importantly treat yourself gently.

3. Take action!  Even doing and committing to the smallest positive action changes the world.  Act as peacefully and as boldly as you can, for action is marvellous medicine for the self and the world.

4. Take every opportunity to be active in the wider natural environment, walking, running, cycling, swimming, whatever.  Exercise is a great friend in confronting grief and despair.

5. Understanding that often our best efforts for the planet feel like hitting our head against a brick wall and I can’t deny that it hurts.  However we never know how thick the wall is.  Time and again when the situation seems at its bleakest and most despairing, I have seen those walls crumble.

Thanks, Simon.

May your new year develop with compassion and some decent belly laughs.

Warm regards

Director | Groupwork Institute

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