Meet Our Facilitation Team

Ed McKinley

Director of Groupwork Institute, Ed McKinley has worked in co-operative organisations since managing the Fitzroy and Carlton Credit Union going way back to 1981.

If he had a religion, it would be collaboration. He is a great believer in the idea that ‘together we can achieve more’. More specifically, that people collaborating well together in groups can be transformational for the individual, the group and the broader community.

Ed’s work with Commonground and the Groupwork Institute has been to forge effective ways to collaborate, to enable us to maximise our impact in helping to create a just and sustainable world. His work alongside Glen Ochre for 34 years has sharpened his appetite for finding what really practically helps groups work well together. Glen Ochre – who died in 2014 – had the knack for crafting practical accessible skills and processes that brought collaboration to life. These values of collaboration are deeply embedded in all our services, education and training.

This is his life’s work.

As a facilitator, he is pretty down to earth.


Co-founder – Groupwork Institute of Australia

Co-founder – Commonground Training Resources Inc

Co-founder – Commonground Co-operative Ltd

Bachelor of Economics, La Trobe University