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Interview: Turning pain and suffering into kindness and empathy

“A compelling life story, beautifully told.”   Rosie Batty

Glen Ochre had a tough, wild and courageous life. Here’s a link to an ABC radio interview with her partner Ed McKinley, Co-founder of the Groupwork Centre, about her and the story she wrote before she died.

Raised deep in the bush of central New South Wales, Glen Ochre was inspired by the systems of collaboration in the natural world. Glen encountered many setbacks as she forged her own path in life, but from Mother Earth, she drew the strength to act with love.

Her experience of violence, poverty, rape and discrimination from a young age stirred her passion for a just, nonviolent and sustainable world. These forces shaped Glen’s work as an activist, feminist, facilitator and educator, and her determination to find better ways of living and working together.

Glen was a great innovator in the movement for social change that swept the world from her teenage years. It was her vision that brought together the team that established the Commonground Co-operative international community and the Groupwork Institute (now the Groupwork Centre).

She touched the lives of many people in her 69 years, and Glen’s footprints and fingerprints are indelibly stamped on her wider community, who carry her work far and wide.

Her autobiography Child of the Earth celebrates the many aspects of Glen’s life.

May it inspire us to be bold in the service of Mother Earth.

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