Meet Our Facilitation Team

Sarah Norton

Head and shoulders portrait of a woman, anglo appearance with short hair, in her 40s, smiling

Sarah Norton is a Senior Associate in the role of facilitator and educator at the Groupwork Centre.

Sarah’s approach is lively, engaging and participatory. She creates an environment where people feel heard and acknowledged, where views and opinions are discussed openly and productively, to create a practical and wise way forward.

Her ability to remain grounded, aware and compassionate when working with groups enables her to be flexible and help people create great outcomes through engaging processes, while fearlessly dealing with any issues that arise, creating amazing transformation in groups.

Her experience in the UK and Australia is extensive, with over 15 years in environmental management, environmental education and community consultation, extending across government, education and community sectors, allowing her to bring a broad perspective to any group she works with.

Currently lead educator for our Advanced Group Facilitation Programme, Sarah has worked for the Groupwork Centre since 2006, and takes pride in contributing to our vision of  a just and sustainable world”.

She believes that good processes well facilitated can create great outcomes and ‘magic’ in groups, and has a passion for supporting individuals to be the best they can be.


  • Advanced Diploma of Group Facilitation, Groupwork Centre
  • Advanced Facilitation, Bob Dick, Southern Cross University
  • Certificate of Management, Open University, UK
  • National Vocational Qualification in Training and Development Level 3&4, UK
  • Post Graduate Certificate of Education
  • BSc (Hons) Zoology