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Ian Smith

The Groupwork advanced facilitation program is so much more than a training program.  Yes, the program teaches a range of facilitation skills and techniques – and too it does so much more!   It develops in participants a deep reflection on self and the way in which – as a facilitator – one can truly work with a group, or an individual,  to enable that group or individual to find and apply the wisdom that sits within.  The course program and the facilitators / course leaders embody that principlr of finding and empowering the wisdom that is within us all.

I undertook the Advanced Facilitation program in the context of a career reset/refocus in my late 50’s.  It was perfect for that purpose – giving me the opportunity to both learn and finesse skills in working with people, and to reflect on myself as a whole person and as a facilitator working with others.   I recall, before undertaking the program, talking with a person of similar age and in a similar career transition.  He told me that he had found the program to be life changing.  I was a little skeptical of that at the time.  After completing the program – I agree.

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