Meet Our Facilitation Team

Che Biggs

My journey to facilitation began with a childhood concern for the way we abuse our planet. It was pursuing this concern as a sustainability specialist on international projects that the penny dropped.

It was clear environmental solutions were failing not from a lack of technical knowledge but due to the inability of stakeholders to collaborate. It seemed the scale of solutions needed could only arise by melding diverse and often conflicting voices into a common accord – and that demands specialist skills and processes. My interest and passion for facilitation developed from there…and led to the Groupwork Institute.

In addition to teaching and providing facilitation services, collaboration and conflict resolution support, my work focuses on collaborative solution design for sustainability. My passion is helping organisations, communities and diverse project teams work better together – as part of ambitious change projects.

If you have a sustainability or climate change related challenge that can only be addressed through meaningful stakeholder engagement, innovative participatory design or rich cross-disciplinary collaboration, let’s talk!

For more info about me and who I have worked for, you can see Che Biggs on LinkedIn

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2013 Sustainability Leadership Fellow, Centre for Sustainability Leadership, Melbourne, Australia

2011 Adv. Dip. Group Facilitation, Groupwork Centre, Melbourne, Australia

2005 MSc. Environmental Management and Policy, International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics. Lund, Sweden

2001 BSc. Environmental Science, Hons 1, Adelaide University. Adelaide, Australia