Conflict to Collaboration Workplace Training

Learn a simple model for managing ‘hot spots’ and conflict, boost your self-awareness and resilience, and refine communication skills to navigate tricky situations

Can your staff deal with conflict well?

Conflict: it’s all around us. Whether it’s colleagues in direct and heated disagreement,  staff and management having challenging encounters, navigating relationships with contractors, clients or personal connections, it’s going to crop up in your workplace from time to time.

Yet, for many of us, facing conflict is terrifying – we do everything to avoid dealing with it! And when we don’t address conflict early it can rapidly escalate into a bigger issue, making us even more reluctant to tackle it.

But conflict can be the engine room for powerful learning, and working through it constructively can often brings about transformational change.

Why our training for your staff?

We provide participants with the capacity to identify and face conflict, along with the confidence and skills for dealing with it wisely and well. Rather than applying a formulaic approach that many other training providers focus on, our course assists staff with their emotional resilience, with a broad range of applications.

This means that as well as increasing staff members’ awareness and skills in conflict resolution, we also develop their understanding of and ability in leadership, collaboration, communication and team development.

What will participants learn?

  • Frameworks for enhancing your self awareness and emotional resilience and skills for applying them in your work and your life.
  • An understanding of unconscious dynamics in conflict.
  • Our practical definition of conflict and understanding of the ‘spectrum of conflict’ – from hot spots to ‘sitting in the fire’ of bigger conflicts.
  • Confidence in recognising conflict in your life and how to intervene quickly so unresolved issues don’t turn into conflict
  • The ability to give and receive hearable messages that can be helpful around conflict
  • The skill of helping others in conflict to really hear each other
  • Experiences of using our powerful, well-tested processes for transforming conflict into collaborative problem solving

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Duration: Two days 9.30am – 5.00pm

Provided:  Delightful lunch, morning and afternoon tea, workshop materials and comprehensive resource booklet: Conflict Resolution Skills Training

Venue: Groupwork Centre Training rooms, location to be advised or other suitable workshop space of your choice

Public course option:  For individuals or a few staff members. See our upcoming course dates here.

Facilitation services: Engage our staff for a complex decision you’d like to make collaboratively. Learn more

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Our approach to training

We create an environment where you can look at your work practices with safety and lightness. Our work is lively, experiential and practical – and fosters emotional resilience throughout. And we have a bit of fun along the way!

A large part of the program is devoted to practising skills using situations your staff members want to work on. We encourage them to bring real-life examples, and allow time to address individual needs and issues faced in the workplace.

Held at Groupwork Centre training room inner Melbourne TBC.
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