Supervision and Performance Management Skills Training

Develop the confidence to have the conversations you need to have. Use practical skills and enjoyable processes to draw out your staff members’ insight and wisdom.

Need to know how your staff are performing and feeling about their work?

Supervising staff is essential, but developing the skills to do it well is often overlooked. Too often it takes a problem with staff or our organisational systems to make us pay attention.

No-one wants a boss who stands over them and micro-manages their work. And the other extreme of leaving staff to their own devices without support is not popular or effective.

High-quality supervision can help leaders catch team issues early, give staff the support they need and help them develop their skills.

Why our training for your staff?

We have trademarked our SuperVision™ model, because it is a valuable commodity! Our experience working in management and training leaders since 1984 has led to our development of a straightforward and effective supervision process that both supervisor and supervisee can benefit from and enjoy.

Groupwork can provide your organisation with a fully road-tested process, and train both supervisors and supervisees in the skills required to apply it well.

Investing time and energy in good supervision to work with motivated, productive staff offers great returns in job satisfaction and performance. This looks after people in the here and now, and advantages your organisation in the long term.

Who is it for?

  • Team leaders, managers and CEOs who want the best from their staff
  • Team members who want to get the most out of the supervision experience
  • All kinds of work teams from businesses, service providers, government, community to therapeutic settings

What will participants learn?

  • Practical skills for high quality supervision
  • Processes for supervision and performance management
  • Self awareness and emotional intelligence in communication with staff
  • Confidence to have challenging conversations
  • Effective collaborative leadership skills
  • Groupwork Centre SuperVision™ model for regular staff performance management and support

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Post-training support

We include a comprehensive online follow up program to further develop your skills, providing a framework for reflection and extended learning.  This increases the ‘stickability’ of your learning, and includes:

  • Individual action plan to create a plan, working on your current workplace/personal challenges
  • Support in setting up and implementing the Groupwork Centre SuperVision™ model.
  • Access to the Groupwork’s Supervision Hot Spots and Tricky Bits video, to refresh and reflect
  • Tips on self care and professional development, with actions to strengthen your supervision skills
  • Your training group as an ongoing resource: sharing real life stories, successes and challenges.


Duration: Two days 9.30am – 5.00pm, depending on your staff’s needs

Provided:  Delightful lunch, morning and afternoon tea, workshop materials and comprehensive resource booklet: Supervision and Performance Management Training

Venue: Groupwork Centre Training rooms, location to be advised. Alternatively, you can arrange another suitable workshop space of your choice

Public course option:  For individuals or a few staff members. See our upcoming course dates.

Facilitation services: Engage our staff for a complex decision you’d like to make collaboratively. Learn more

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Our approach to training

We create an environment where you can look at your work practices with safety and lightness. Our work is lively, experiential and practical – and fosters emotional resilience throughout. And we have a bit of fun along the way!

A large part of the program is devoted to practising skills using situations your staff members want to work on. We encourage them to bring real-life examples, and allow time to address individual needs and issues faced in the workplace.

Held at Groupwork Centre training room inner Melbourne TBC.
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