How to create a bold and dynamic team: Online training takeaways

Three people in an informal office space in compfortable chairs, looking engaged and focused on a document; viewpoint from behind a woman looking at another woman and a man aged between 35 and 55


Thanks so much for your interest in our online training session on how to create a bold and dynamic team!


If you’re interested in developing your skills further, we have a 2-day course coming up. You can find out more about ourĀ Collaborative Leadership short course here.

We also provide customised training to organisations in-house. If you’re keen to develop your people, you can see more here: Collaborative Leadership workplace training.

Here are your goodies

As promised, here are your resources.

1. Slides from the online training

2. How to create group agreements PDF

3. Micro-skills for collaborative leaders PDF


In case you’d like to watch it again, or you missed some of it, here are the links to the replay the video:


Part 1: How to create a bold and dynamic team (15 mins)

Overview, why you want to lead collaboratively and what you need to collaborate effectively


Part 2: How to create a bold and dynamic team (35 mins)

The keys to collaborative leadership and practical process: How to create team agreements

I wish you well in your connections, and welcome your feedback and stories about how you go. You can email me here.

Yours in collaboration


Steve Ray | Senior Associate | Groupwork Centre