Collaborative Leadership Training

The wisdom and experience of your whole organisation or team can be harnessed with practical skills and confidence from a collaborative manager.

Keen to collaborate but feel like you’re missing the mark?

We’re better together.

Your leadership staff need to both identify and make the most of the wisdom and experience in their organisation or team. With so many operational issues to address and negotiate, however, the emotional content is often overlooked. The advantage of an emotionally resilient leader is having the skills and awareness to build a stronger, more successful organisation.

Why our training with your staff?

We provide a comprehensive container to develop the practical skills and confidence your staff require for collaborative management. Learning more about yourself as a manager provides a strong and practical foundation for enhancing your management skills.

What will participants learn?

Extended leadership skills

  • Building emotional resilience to handle ‘tricky’ encounters
  • The micro skills for good management
  • Being conscious of your personal motivations
  • Your leadership style and its impact
  • How you can change your practices to better match your values
  • Your capacity to effect change and influence values
  • Taking care of yourself

How we affect each other

  • Understanding the unconscious dynamics at work in a team
  • Organisational dynamics and our role in these
  • The unspoken components of organisational culture
  • Role theory – roles people play in teams and how we can avoid getting stuck in these

Working with your group or organisation

  • Facilitating collaborative teamwork
  • Increasing confidence in taking the risk to be genuine
  • Understanding our organisation’s values and beliefs

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Duration: Two days 9.30am – 5.00pm

Provided:  Delightful lunch, morning and afternoon tea, workshop materials and comprehensive resource: Collaborative Leadership Training booklet.

Venue: Groupwork Centre Training Rooms in Thornbury (Melbourne inner north) or other suitable workshop space of your choice

Parking: Ample street parking available

Public course option:  For individuals or a few staff members. See our upcoming course dates here.

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Our approach to training

We create an environment where you can look at your work practices with safety and lightness. Our work is lively, experiential and practical – and fosters emotional resilience throughout. And we have a bit of fun along the way!

A large part of the program is devoted to practising skills using situations your staff members want to work on. We encourage them to bring real-life examples, and we allow time for them to address individual needs and issues faced in the workplace.

Held at Groupwork Centre Training Rooms.
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