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Hot Spots and Tricky Bits – Facilitation Training Video (download)



Please note: The physical DVD is out of production, in the meantime the video when purchased is now downloadable.

In our facilitation services and training, for more than 25 years, we have seen perennial issues that keep popping up. We have produced this 50 minute DVD to support people engaged in all facets of facilitation – organisational, community engagement and therapeutic.

It addresses many of the Hot Spots and Tricky Bits that regularly confront facilitators. There are 23 facilitation issues covered, where we demonstrate very practical steps for successful interventions – including naming relevant micro skills used. Issues can be addressed separately via the menu.

This video has a wide application to many of the general workplace challenges we all regularly face.

It is also a bit of fun!

Duration 50 minutes.

Content of video

Scenario 1 – Community Meeting

Time: 13 min

  1. Lets get on with it
  2. Dealing with side track
  3. Side conversation
  4. Going on and on…..
  5. Expression of anger
  6. Person walking out
  7. Cynical behaviour

Scenario 2 – Planning Day

Time: 26 min

  1. Unspoken conflict.
  2. Pulling rank
  3. Expression of pain
  4. When controversial issue interrupts process
  5. Crying
  6. Put down
  7. Tricky Decision
  8. Lone voice blocking decision

Scenario 3 – Self Help Group

Time: 17 min

  1. Theorizing
  2. Taking away the focus
  3. Wanting a break amidst strong feelings
  4. Strong expression of pain
  5. Suicidal Comment
  6. Facilitator’s Mistake
  7. Body language – rolling eyes
  8. Offensive comment


  1. Stephen Thorpe

    A great resource for facilitators, this DVD introduces you to three typically demanding facilitation scenarios:
    • a multi-stakeholder community meeting around a new freeway project,
    • a planning day where the drama of someone having been recently fired in the team emerges, and
    • a therapy group.
    A series of the Groupwork’s ‘facilitation micro-skills’ (interventions) are demonstrated throughout these three scenarios.

    Two of the great things about this DVD are that I could put myself in the same situation, and that it’s focused primarily on the role of the group facilitator.

    There’s a booklet with the DVD that helps explain each of the facilitation micro-skills and steps used.

    Glen Ochre and Ed McKinley’s facilitation work has been ground-breaking throughout Australia since 1984 and this resource is based on their facilitation education and training, with a focus on the challenging edges of facilitation.

    If you are familiar with group facilitation then these scenarios and the interventions will make a lot of sense. And for those new to facilitation it demonstrates what a facilitator does and what’s available to a group when a facilitator encounters challenges in their work.
    Stephen Thorpe
    Senior facilitator
    Zenergy, Auckland NZ

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