Self-awareness at Work Training Info

This two-day Self-awareness at Work Training is a balance between Groupwork Institute input and a focus on people’s particular learning needs and challenges.

We work with you to tailor training content to meet your staff and organisation requirements.

Training Outline


Workplace training start times can be between 9.00am and 9.30am and finish times can be between 4.30 and 5.00pm, or as negotiated.

The self-awareness at work training can be offered as a one or two day training program. The following is an example of a one-day program, with the option to add further emotional resilience topics and practice time on day two.

Day one

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Agenda and agreements
  • Participants’ learning needs
  • Our model of self-awareness – the Community of Selves™
  • Understanding and managing ourselves

Morning tea

  • Workplace micro-skills for self-awareness and emotional resilience
  • Practice micro-skills using participants’ learning needs


  • Applying the learning to participants’ workplace challenges
  • Further input related to participants’ needs

Afternoon tea

  • Practice other learning needs using skills learned
  • Reflection on the day’s learning
  • Evaluation

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Training content – Self-awareness at Work

This training is a balance between Groupwork Institute input, and a focus on people’s particular learning needs and challenges. The day will be participatory and practical – and even a bit of fun!

Specific input would draw from the following areas:

Understanding ourselves in groups

The more we understand our own inner ‘selves’ and their interplay, the better self-aware we will be. First facilitate thyself! Come prepared to know (and accept) yourself better!

  • getting to know your ‘inner selves’ through use of the Community of Selves model
  • getting to know and working on the fears and other self-limiting messages that hold us back or get in the way
  • develop the emotional resilience to manage our own reactions to challenging dynamics


So much of what goes on in groups and communities has an emotional content. Much of it is to do with our unconscious. Gaining an understanding of these dynamics enables participants to better harness the full potential of the people they are working with.


There are a range of key micro-skills needed for effectively working with others. These allow us to:

  • hear and validate people’s contribution
  • synthesise group wisdom
  • welcome difference – facilitate strongly held differing views
  • deal with un-spoken dynamics

Giving ‘hearable’ feedback

To be resilient we need to be able to say what we need to say and hear what we need to hear. This helps us to communicate across our differences.

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Capacity to undertake this training

We have been providing independent facilitation services since 1984, and have been training facilitators since 1998. In 2001 we first offered the yearlong Advanced Diploma of Group Facilitation, the first of its kind in the world.

We are collaborative workplace specialists and all of our training programs integrate topics related to self-awareness.

This training draws from:

  • Our model of collaborative practice which has evolved over the last 30+years, underpins our approach to all training. Emotional resilience and self-awareness are key components of this model.
  • The units we have developed in our Advanced Diploma of Management and Group Facilitation. These Advanced Diplomas are nationally recognised qualifications, which are, in effect, courses we have founded on collaboration, self-awareness and emotional resilience.

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