Cancellation Policy

Groupwork Refund Policy – Advanced Group Facilitation

Upon enrollment you agree to the cost of this course. This cost is invoiced per installment dates, due and payable throughout the study period. Please see below for a detailed explanation of when fees are due and when refunds will be given.

A refund of your deposit paid will be given if notice is received 28+ days prior to the commencement of the course, less a $100 admin fee.

Installment 1 – due by course start date

If your place within the course can be replaced your fees paid to date will be refunded less a $200 administration fee. If your place cannot be replaced then fees paid will be forfeited.

Installment 2 – due July 30

If you withdraw from the course between May 9th and July 15th then, this amount will be payable

Installment 3 – due September 30

If you withdraw from the course between July 16th and October 9th, this amount will be payable

(Dates listed above are indicative of the Advanced Group Facilitation)