Facilitate This! A Groupwork Podcast

Tips and tales to inspire you

Facilitate This! features stories and experiences from facilitators across the Groupwork Centre community. The podcast is designed to support everyone involved in facilitation and collaborative leadership.  You can listen below, or subscribe in your podcast app of choice.

The trailer previews the topics covered in this series, from working with community groups to inclusion and diversity, getting groups moving, therapy groups, teaching through facilitation, dealing with rank and power, collaborative decision making and conflict resolution.

In these eight episodes you’ll hear heartwarming stories about the courage, the wisdom and the light-bulb moments we encounter as we work with all kinds of people in different settings.  Our willingness to admit to our stuff-ups and learn from them and our ability to capture the breakthroughs groups make are two of the many threads running through the series.

We hope these tips and tales affirm you in your own facilitation and motivate you to give some new things a go.

We also hope they confirm for you that facilitation and groupwork is a place where magic happens – we just need to ensure we have all the ingredients in the mix so it can bubble up.

As always, we welcome your feedback. Send us an  email: podcast@groupwork.com.au