Facilitating Complex Meetings

Overhead shot of a person placing a series of coloured paper circles down. Circles are labelled with names like 'Health' and 'Community Engagement'

There are times when the outcomes you are seeking can really benefit from using a skilled external facilitator. We see their role as helping make possible the purpose of your group.

When do you need to bring in a facilitator?

Here are some examples of when we have been asked to provide our services:

  • The person who normally facilitates is too involved in the content
  • The decision is large, and requires skilled group decision making
  • There is a need to demonstrate the independence of the facilitator
  • There are complex dynamics at play within the group
  • Parties that normally do not work together, have come together for a particular project
  • Conflict resolution
  • Organisational change or restructure
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team building

You can learn more about what makes a great facilitator and how their skills can help here: What do facilitators do?

We often say that much of our facilitation work is about designing simple practical processes, and ensuring they are well facilitated.  Since 1984 we have developed our own 20:80 rule – that good outcomes are 20% good process and 80% skilled facilitation.

Why work with us?

We created Groupwork Centre because we believe in the transformational capacity of people working well together in groups. We saw the need for people to learn the skills of great facilitation as well as having the opportunity to engage a good facilitator to assist groups in achieving their goals.

Our facilitators have had extensive experience and training working with groups and individuals in leadership and working well with people. A key point of difference is our approach to self-awareness, compassion and Emotional Resilience. Our practical skills and values-based approach have prepared us well for this work.

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For training in facilitation:

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We specialise in this work!  We are at your service.