Facilitation Skills Workplace Training

Skilled facilitators in your organisation harness the wisdom in any meeting or group, for engaged participation and great outcomes.

Does your workplace need skills in facilitation?

This course brings facilitation to life.  Using our own Groupwork Centre model of facilitation, this training introduces participants to our the micro-skills and the collaborative processes required for effective facilitation.  We facilitate a very practical learning journey, which builds on people’s experience and strengths as facilitators, and brings the art of facilitation to life.  This training is versatile and able to be applied to all facilitation areas.

There is an increasing demand to develop consistent, high quality facilitation skills for all staff engaged in working with groups. Facilitation of meetings, however, is a craft. And there is a lot to it!

Using good quality processes with self-awareness and emotional resilience makes a powerful difference when you facilitate any group. Staff who are good facilitators give people the opportunity to focus on the purpose of the group while having fun along the way. This shifts the energy to a collaborative approach, where people support the decisions they helped to create.

Why our training for your staff?

We are internationally recognised as leaders in the field of facilitation education and training, having established this work in 1984. Our public 2 day course on facilitation, derived from our Advanced Diploma of Group Facilitation, is consistently booked out.

Our in-house facilitation skills training balances Groupwork Centre input and a focus on your organisation’s challenges and needs, and can be for a period of two to five days dependant on this.

We give you a practical, well-framed approach to build skills, self-awareness and confidence to undertake operational activities that get the best from your work teams.

We differ from most communications skills courses in our approach to emotional intelligence – what we prefer to call emotional resilience. Challenges can be handled much more effectively when you understand what holds you back as a facilitator.

What will participants learn?

Our training is orientated towards your learning needs. We welcome your challenges and aspirations into the training.  This provides the opportunity to practice your learning in situations most meaningful to you. During our two day course, you can develop:

  • Practical facilitation: group processes and the skills required to apply them
  • Confidence and compassion to work well with groups
  • Ability to harness the wisdom of the group, maximising participation
  • Capacity to create groupness  and psychological safety
  • Self awareness
  • Emotional resilience
  • Skills to make meetings work well
  • Capacity to manage hotspots and tricky bits

This training is versatile and can be applied to all facilitation areas; organisational, community engagement and therapeutic. Facilitating is like swimming: you can’t learn without getting in the water – so jump in. The world needs good facilitators.

For full details of our two-day outline and training content, click here

Post-course resources

  • DVD of facilitation micro skills, to refresh and reflect
  • Individual task setting to create a plan, working on current workplace/personal challenges
  • Information around self care and professional development
  • Individual action plan to continue developing your facilitation skills
  • Your training group as an ongoing resource: sharing real life stories, successes and challenges


Duration: One to five days 9.30am – 5.00pm, depending on your staff and organisational needs

Catering:  We recommend offering nourishing and delicious food to help participants get the most out of their learning experience. We can provide delightful lunch, morning and afternoon tea,

Provided: All workshop materials and comprehensive resource booklet: Facilitation Skills Training

Venue: Groupwork Centre Training Rooms in Thornbury (Melbourne inner north). however, this is optional: you may select an alternative suitable workshop space of your choice

Parking: Ample street parking available

Public course option:  For individuals or a few staff members. See our upcoming course dates.

Facilitation services option: Engage our staff for a complex decision you’d like to make collaboratively. Learn more

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Our approach to training

We create an environment where you can look at your work practices with safety and lightness. Our work is lively, experiential and practical – and fosters emotional resilience throughout. And we have a bit of fun along the way!

A large part of the program is devoted to practising skills using situations your staff members want to work on. We encourage them to bring real-life examples, and we allow time for them to address individual needs and issues faced in the workplace.

Held at Groupwork Centre Training Rooms.
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