RTO Code of Conduct

Information, Advice and Support Services

The Groupwork Institute is committed to integrating Access and Equity principles within all our educational services. All staff recognise the rights of learners and provide information, advice and support that is consistent with our Code of Practice.

Regardless of cultural background, gender, sexuality, disability or age you have the right to learn in an environment that is free from discrimination and harassment and be treated in a fair and considerate manner while you are studying with us.

If, at any time, you feel that any staff member is not abiding by our Code of Practice please report your complaints or grievance to your facilitator/trainer, or contact the office for our complaints and appeals form.

Student Selection and Enrolment

We provide clear information on the qualifications/courses that we offer. This includes the location of training, any required skills or knowledge and any additional training pathways.

Our enrolment process requires you to complete an enrolment form and provide as much relevant information as possible to ensure we provide training to suit your needs. All information collected is kept confidential and subject to our Privacy Policy in this Code of Practice.

Course Information

Specific course information brochures and flyers have been developed for all of the courses that we currently offer.

Fees and Charges

Information on fees and charges are clearly documented in course brochures and flyers and is also available through our website.

Extra Support around Language, Literacy and Numeracy

We provide advice, support and help for any language, literacy and numeracy assistance on request. We will also monitor the needs of our learner’s through the learning process. If at any time we feel a learner requires any language, literacy and numeracy assistance we will either provide this or tailor learning and assessment materials to match learner needs.

Student Support

We currently offer support in (i) RPL assessment; (ii) options in learning; (iii) guidance on career options; (iv) one on one tutoring; (v) pre-course interviews; (iv) training needs analysis; and (vii) information on our website.

We will endeavour to provide for the welfare of all students through; (i) Occupational Health and Safety; (ii) review of payment schedules when requested; (iii) provision for special learning needs; (v) provision for special cultural and religious needs; and (vi) provision for special dietary needs.

Appeals, Complaints and Grievance Procedures
We have a documented procedure that covers any appeals, complaints or grievances. Should you have an appeal, complaint or grievance contact the designated person for more detailed information.

Disciplinary Procedure

To ensure all learners receive equal opportunities and gain the maximum from their time with us, there are some ‘ground rules’ that apply to all people that attend any of our sessions. Any person(s) who displays and continues to display disruptive behaviour may be asked to leave the session and/or the course.

Any person who is asked to leave a session or course has the right of appeal through our appeals process. All efforts will be made to resolve such issues collaboratively. However the ‘last resort’ right to ask someone to leave will be enforced if necessary.

Staff Responsibility for Access and Equity Issues

At the Groupwork Institute, all staff have been inducted in their responsibilities for our access and equity principles. Our staff will act in accordance with our Code of Practice and ensure all learners are made aware of their rights and responsibilities.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Arrangements

Recognition of prior learning assessment is available where appropriate to all learners. If you believe you have relevant skills and abilities that you have learned in your past please contact the relevant course facilitator/trainer. They will discuss the evidence requirements you will need to provide and support documentation as required.